Global Chalice Lightings

A chalice lighting used by Jorge Espinel at the ICUU Council Meeting and Conference, July 2016, in the Netherlands.  The words were adapted from a piece by Margaret Keip of the USA/UUA. 


As surely as we belong to the universe, we belong together. 

We gather here to move beyond our isolated selves as we connect and reconnect with others.

It is good to be together, for it is in our connections with each other that we come to to know ourselves more fully, and in that way to be more at home here on Earth, more open to the gifts each day brings.  

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Here, too, may the light and warmth of this chalice be to us a beacon of truth, generosity and compassion, that we may learn the ways of faith and love.

by Rev. David Usher, First ICUU President

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