Support Emerging Unitarian Universalist Groups in Kenya

Kenya Faithfy

Dear Friends - the ICUU has worked to support emerging U-U groups in Kenya for more than five years.  Congregations in the USA, Canada, and Europe and other parts of Africa have helped in this process, and Kenyan Unitarianism has developed into a working coalition of six groups.  We aim to continue our support for the development of this Kenyan coalition, the UU Church of Kenya, with a parallel coalition of non-Kenyan congregations around the world, focusing together on organizational development and mentoring.  You may already be part of this growing coalition. If so, many thanks!  If not, and you are interested, please let us know.

Part of one of our grants for this work requested that we raise some of the funds via the UUA's crowd-sourcing platform, Faithify.  We're writing to let you know that a Faithify request has just been posted, and that we hope to raise $1000 on this platform.   We welcome your participation and support, which allows the ICUU to continue to do this work of building an international coalition for Kenyan Unitarianism.  Thanks for joining us!