Secretary: Lara Fuchs

Lara FuchsI am Canadian and Swiss, and have lived in Europe since 2005. I’ve been Unitarian Universalist all of my life, and have always cared deeply about human rights and our responsibility to our world. I believe that Unitarian Universalism can be a bridge between cultures and faiths, a platform for dialogue and compassion, and a model for how we can impact positive change in the world for people and for the Earth itself. I am interested in building networks and supporting emerging Unitarian communities around the world.

In 2010 I founded a new UU congregation in Basel, Switzerland, and became involved with the EUU (European Unitarian Universalists). Shortly thereafter, I attended an ICUU conference in Koloszvar and was invited by the Executive committee to fill a mid-term vacancy as a Member at Large. In 2014 I was elected to serve as Hon. Secretary, and also began my seminary studies to become a UU minister.

Currently I am serving three European UU fellowships as ministerial Intern, and am looking forward to continued work with the ICUU as we move forward in our mission and vision to broaden the reach and support of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist communities around the world.