Member at Large: Inga Brandes

Inga BrandesUnitarier – Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens, Mitglied des Präsidiums
Unitarians – Religious Society of Free Faith, Co-President
D - 58095 Hagen
Contact: inga.brandes[at]
Mobil: +49-163-77 50 810

I was born and raised Unitarian and thus have taken part in the Unitarian movement in Germany all my life. During the last twenty years or so I served Unitarian movement in various positions: vice-president of our youth organization (BduJ), member of the federal Young Adult Programming Committee, member of our „Spiritual Council” [a permanent working group, whose objective is the protection and development of the community's religious and spiritual foundations and aims], co-editor and author of unitarische blaetter [our nationwide bi-monthly member magazine] and most recently I was elected co-president of our national governing board. My interest in the global unitarian and universalist movement goes back to my days as a teenage volunteer during the IARF-Congress 1990 in Hamburg/Germany and deepened steadily since I came back from my first ICUU-experience - a European strategy meeting in Kolosvar/Cluj-Napoca in 2012.

After I took my masters degree in History, International Relations and German Literature and Language I worked about a year for the Jewish Claims Conference [Fund for former slaved and forced laborers] and then became a research fellow for some years in a large collaborative historical research project at Trier University: Being a stranger and being poor from ancient times to the present day - patterns of inclusion and exclusion. During that time I started to write my Ph.D. in modern Irish and European history. It covers the period between 1880 and 1930 and deals with the lives of poor people in rural regions. It historicizes their social profiles and stories and aims to assess the role that workhouses, charities and self-help played for them.

Since 2010 I work full-time in a German university's department of university planning and strategy. That is why my professional expertise covers quite a wide field stretching from strategic planning, organisational analysis, enabling international research cooperation, developing funding strategies for research projects, as well as expertise in issues like promoting gender equality and diversity in public institutions and so on. On top I am a huge fan of lifelong learning and continue my education as I go – testing the latest technological developments such as #MOOCs ;). And of course I aspire to bring all of this to my work for the ICUU.