Member At Larger: Rev. Darihun Khriam


Smit, India

I am a minister of the Unitarian Union North East India and I also serve as the Treasurer.
Unitarianism in the Khasi Hills is a lay led movement and has survived through the 129 years of our journey. Working as a minister in different rural churches enable me to see that we don’t have to be born as a leader but we need to have the call to serve in whatever capacity we can. It can be small or big, but what matter is that we share the responsibility to get the work going. As a minister I will not be able to perform my duty if our church members does not help me as I have to travel from one to the other with 8 churches to look after. I therefore offer myself to share the work of the ICUU in whatever way I can to help us grow from strength to strength. The strength of Unitarians all over the world inspires Unitarian in their own country because we know that by ourselves we are just a tiny drop of water in the vast ocean of this world.